Event Management

Event Eateries has one objective, to ensure we are able to provide an event organiser support, advice, and to contribute to relieving the strain out of the organisation and preparation of a complete catering solution. Event Eateries is able to provide a flexible service that enables us to offer you the organiser a variety of catering options, from a single catering unit to the complete provision of mobile catering for the entire event.

The experience Event Eateries has gained over the years has been invaluable, it has enabled us to understand and appreciate that each event is unique and requires individual provisions, as the expectations of the public will be varied depending upon the type of event it is. Our experience has enabled us to learn imperative skills that allow us to organise outdoor events successfully.

This experience has allowed us to offer specific support in the finer details of the event. This support ensures we are able to provide specific advice on the initial plans.

  • Assisting in the detailed infrastructure of the catering at the event
  • Working with you to ensure that all procedures and activities are covered by the necessary risk assessments
  • The supporting infrastructure of power, water and waste can be organised by Event Eateries, including the organisation and preparation of a marquee to ensure customer comfort on the designated picnic areas
  • We operate a fully open audit book, including till receipts when rental charges are on %
  • Liaising with the Local council, to ensure the Local Authority officers from the protection department have the required field information on the mobile catering.
  • We ensure that all suppliers satisfy Event Eateries approved scheme, this ensure complete tractability
  • Each Individual catering unit carries a generic Health & Safety pack, which during the event is monitored by our nominated Health and safety officer
  • We provide support with our highly trained team. Event Eateries team are all trained in Health and Safety, and have a clear understanding of venue and client procedures.
  • Our operation allows us to provide a variety of menus to suit the needs of your event. We also understand that in an ever changing environment adaptability is imperative and we appreciate the importance of the local economy, and local produce.
  • The Event Eateries is a fully accredited member of the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) www.ncass.org.co.uk