Catering Units

The Unique 1972 Daisy Dukes Overlander Airstream

Our objective at Event Eateries is simple, we want to be able to provide a unique and bespoke form of event catering that offers an organiser a variety of options in the delivery of food. And we truly believe that there is no greater impact statement than delivering foods to the public through an Airstream.

During the initial phases of creating Daisy Dukes, our objective was to take the traditional beef burger, which is often associated with USA, and create an idea of offering beef burgers with a theme related to the USA. So once we had opted for this, it was imperative that the whole unit had that American theme, hence the Airstream was created.

The Airstream theme was an easy idea as the airstream is an all American theme that was created in 1936. It was initially thought up by Wally Byam who worked for a publishing company. And came up with plans for a camping van in which people could create a holiday home during the Great depression. After initial developments of the camping trailer Wally linked up with William Boules a pioneer in aeroplane designs, and between the two the Airstream was created.

Daisy Dukes Diner

Daisy Dukes Diner Hog Roast Tralier American Diner Trailer Hog Roast Tralier Potato Wedges Tralier
The Classic 5oz Butchers Burger
butchers burger served with tomato, fresh onion, dill pickle &lettuce
The Classic 5oz Burger with Cheese
butchers burger served with cheddar cheese, tomato, fresh onion, dill pickle & lettuce
The Double Take Classic
Double butchers burger & double cheddar cheese served with tomato, fresh onion, dill pickle & lettuce
Daisy Dukes Special
butchers made burger served with bacon, cheddar cheese & an egg
The Mushroom Meltdown
butchers made burger served with bacon, mushrooms & cheddar cheese
Jumbo Hot Dog with fried onions
Bacon Roll
rashers of back bacon in a fresh roll
Bacon & Egg Roll
Bacon & Mushroom roll
Cold Drinks