Catering Options

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A sophisticated blend of British ingredients creating a tender burger delivered through are Burger Brands ranging from a 4oz to 6oz. John Bull Burgers & Bacon, the Superior Burger Co or Daisy Dukes Diner
Roast Meat:
What can only be described as incredible feast of tender joints of British Pork and Beef cooked from fresh and garnished with herbs to provide a fabulous taste. We provide a choice of brands Welsh Black Beef Carvery, Hog Roast or the Roast Meat Carvery, using a selection of the finest meats.
Superior Sausage Co:
A scrumptious blend of choice meats and herbs come together to make a traditional, produced sausage that is British and is amazingly desirable. Served in a choice of deli rolls, baked rustic bread or a baguette. The Superior Sausage offers a selection of sausages.
Fish & Chips:
No need for any introductions, the nations favourite.
Southern Fried Chicken:
A taste of Southern America brought to the British shores. Finger licking southern fried chicken seasoned with an incredible array of flavours.
Pie, Mash & Gravy:
The quality of the product is outstanding, a unique unit that offers the highest quality of puff pasty pies. The products are deliciously deep filled and have the perfect crunch to ensure the puff pastry melts in your mouth, complimented with a choice of gravy, mash, mushy peas, baked beans or liquor.
Traditional Pies & Pasties:
Our pasties are all hand made, using traditional recipes from Cornwall.
Flaming BBQ:
The BBQ offers great diversity to the customer, a choice of foods not normally associated with mobile catering. The foods are all freshly prepared, and cooked on the chargrill, creating an awesome array of flavours.
Baguettes & Panini's:
Freshly prepared baguettes and panini's made to order, with a choice of the finest British ingredients. The Baguettes are freshly baked to offer the perfect uppercrust bread.
Jacket Spuds:
For those who want a delicious yet filling simple meal, nothing is greater than the good old jacket. They are baked till golden brown and served with a mouth watering buttery taste, complimented with a variety of toppings.
Las Vegas Doughnuts & coffee:
Britain's favourite treat, a mouth watering sugary experience that offers real temptations with a selection of scrumptious toppings.
Cappuccino Bar:
For those lovers of specialist coffee, its an opportunity to indulge their senses into an array of flavours that are produced from our quality coffee bean. Whether you have aspirations for a traditional one bean cup, such as an espresso or cappuccino or to the more adventurous person who prefers coffee mocha served with whipped cream.
Alternative Foods:
We appreciate that part of our success has been the ability to adapt. We understand that an event can often require a specific type of product to suit. That is why we are able to adapt our menu to suit your needs. The catering options enclosed provide you with a core choice of products Event Eateries can provide, however it is imperative that you understand that we are more than capable of adapting our menus to meet your needs. We have provided many alternatives products in the past ranging from a specific breed of meat, such as Long Horn to the more extravagant Aussie Grill, where we sold Crocodile and Kangaroo Burgers.